List of noise ordinances and laws

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Soundproofist - Noise ordinances around the world

Look up the noise ordinances in your locale. This list is a work in progress and new submissions are welcome.
CountryCity or stateName of ordinanceWhat it coversYear issuedLink
AustraliaPerthCity of South Perth: Neighborhood NoiseSummarizes and defines neighborhood noise and links to "Environmental (Noise) Protections 1997"1986-1997Learn more
AustraliaSouth AustraliaSouth Australia
Environment Protection (Noise) Policy 2007
under the Environment Protection Act 1993
Measurement procedures, general noise, construction noise, domestic noise2007Learn more
AustraliaSydneyAddressing noise disturbancesIncludes information, forms, and links for: construction sites,
dogs barking,
garbage and bottle, collections,
licensed venues and commercial premises,
cars and other vehicles,
neighbourhood noise including power tools, sound systems and air-conditioners,
major works, public transport, and large events.
2018Learn more
AustraliaVictoriaEnvironment Protection Act of 1970Scroll down to part VIII - control of noise, which covers residences, entertainment venues, motor vehicles and "vessels."1970Learn more.
BelgiumBrusselsBruxelles Environnement/Leefmilieu BrusselOffers links to related ordinances.1997-2007Read in French or Dutch
Canada AlbertaNational Building Code - Alberta Edition 2019 & National Energy Code for Buildings (2017)Alberta's 2019 building codes address issues such as accessibility, fire protection, energy efficiency and yes -- sound transmission2017-2019See page 40 for summary of what's new
CanadaMontreal (city)Montreal: Our by-laws (page is in English, but search for "bruit")Search the by-laws for the city of Montreal up to 2019Look up a by-law
Canada TorontoTORONTO MUNICIPAL CODE CHAPTER 591, NOISELoudspeakers, construction noise and hours of operation, air conditioners, traffic, and more2009Learn more
CanadaVancouverNOISE CONTROL BY-LAW NO. 6555Construction noise, garbage trucks, carpet cleaner trucks, animals, and neighbor noise2018Learn more
Czech RepublicPragueNarízení vlády o ochrane zdraví pred nepríznivými úcinky hluku a vibracíUpdated from 2005, addresses workplace noise, high-frequency noise, vibrations, average exposure, and more2011Learn more
European Union AllEnvironmental Noise Guidelines for the European RegionComprehensive guidelines, although not laws, to control environmental exposure to noise and for the protection of health2018Read the guidelines
FranceAllCode de l'environnement (Legifrance)See: Titre VII : Prévention des nuisances acoustiques et visuellesLearn more
GermanyAllNoise policy in Germany

The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 131, 3295 (2012)
Report in English written and published by the Acoustical Society of America2012Download the paper
GermanyBerlinLärmschutz rund um die Uhr - Informationen zur Berliner RechtslageExplains the noise laws in Berlin (in German) and where to file complaints. 10pm - 6am are the quiet hours.UnknownRead all about it.
GermanyBerlinLärmaktionsplan Berlin 2018-2023 (ENTWURF)
Nach Maßgabe des § 47d Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz
In German. Draft of noise action plan for Berlin 2018-2023 and other noise-related documents2018-2023Review and download
Hong KongAllEnvironmental noise: The Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionLand use planning, noise barriers and enclosures, road surfacing, insulation, architectural featuresunknownLearn more
IndiaAllA retrospective view of noise pollution control policy in India: status, proposed revisions and control measuresCurrent noise policies and proposals for revisions, based on what other locales are doing2016Read the article
IndiaAllCentral Government amendment to the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules of 2000Restrictions on public loudspeakers, firecrackers, horns, and more2010Read more
IrelandAllS.I. No. 140/2006 - Environmental Noise Regulations 2006Noise measurement and assessment, mapping, planning2006Learn more
IsraelAllIsrael Ministry of Environmental Protection (Pollution and Nuisances)Regulations for unreasonable noise, residential noise, and enforcement1979, 1990, 1992, and 2000Learn more
JapanAllMinistry of the Environment: Noise Regulation Law (Japan)Factories, construction, traffic, penalties1968, 2000Read it in English
MexicoAllLa Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-081-SEMARNAT-1994Sets decibel levels for various times of day and in the case of noisy festivals, a duration1994In Spanish
NetherlandsAmsterdamAmsterdam Noise Policy and Noise Action PlanThe introductory page is in English, and the links go to PDFs in Dutch that offer more detail. This is a response to increased traffic and tourism.2016English page with links to policies
PortugalLisbonREGULAMENTO GERAL DO RUÍDOIn Portuguese - establishes hours of allowable noise, methods of measurement, etc.2007-2008Learn more
The Environmental Noise (Scotland) Regulations 2006
Airports, rail road, action plans2006Learn more
SingaporeAllNoise Pollution Regulations in SingaporeFrom Dropnoise, a noise-measurement service in Singapore. UnknownLearn more.
SpainBarcelonaEcologia Urbana - Ecology, Urban Planning and MobilityEnglish landing page summary with links to a PDF (in Catalan) on how to reduce noise, and an interactive "strategic noise map" unknownLearn more.
SpainMadridPROTECCIÓN CONTRA LA CONTAMINACIÓN ACÚSTICA Y TÉRMICAEvaluación del ruido, Actividad inspectora, de vigilancia y control, etc.2011Read the text (in Spanish)
SpainSevillaGerencia de Urbanismo y Medio Ambiente/Ordenanza de Ruidos que de esta pueda derivarse para la salud humana, los bienes o el medio ambiente urbano, completando y desarrollando la regulación del marco jurídico que el Ayuntamiento tiene asignado en esta materia.2014Ordenanza de Ruidos
SpainValenciaLey 7/2002, de 3 de diciembre, de protección contra la contaminación acústica.Guidelines, maximum decibel levels (which are pretty high) -- including outdoor terraces2002Read in Spanish
United KingdomLondonThe City of London Noise Strategy: 2016 to 2026Policy and analysis of noise issues2016Read the document
United StatesAllNoise Control Act of 1972States that standards will be set for auto, airplane, and other environmental noises but doesn't state them in the document, cites enforcement and lists fines, by day1972Learn more
United StatesAnn Arbor, MichiganORDINANCE NO. ORD-12-33 NOISE CONTROL
Updated noise ordinance for Ann Arbor, which includes no construction on Sundays or legal holidays.2012Learn more
United StatesAsheville, NCNoise Ordinance RevisionsIn 2019, Asheville is in the process of updating its noise ordinances through citizen participation. This describes the timeline and the current noise ordinances.unknown, will update in 2019Learn more
United StatesAtlanta, GeorgiaAtlanta - Code of Ordinances - Part II. Code Of Ordinances—General Ordinances
- Chapter 74. Environment -
Article IV. Noise Control
Sets daytime and nighttime noise/decibel limits, and more2013Learn more
United StatesAustin, TexasCHAPTER 9-2. - NOISE AND AMPLIFIED SOUND.Outlines restricted hours and covers "outdoor music venues" such as during SXSW1992Review the ordinance
United StatesBaltimore, MarylandBaltimore City's New Loud and Unruly Parties OrdinanceIf you throw a noisy, alcohol-infused party in Baltimore and in general disturb your neighbors, you could be faced with a $500 fine and an eviction2015Learn more.
United StatesBerkeley, CAEnvironmental Quality: Noise (summary)Mostly focused on transportation and industrial noise1977, amended in 1982Learn more
United StatesBoulder, ColoradoBoulder, Colorado Chapter 5-9: NoiseCovers vehicle noise, musical instruments, gardening equipment, and hours of restrictions for each activity, including on the MallUnknownLearn more.
United States CaliforniaHEALTH AND SAFETY CODE - HSC
DIVISION 28. NOISE CONTROL ACT [46000 - 46080]
States that noise is a public health hazard and that noise is an increasing problem, refers back to US Noise Control Act of 1972.1975Learn more
United StatesBoston, MassachusettsNoise in BostonGeneral, simplified information and a contact phone number2019
United StatesCambridge, MACambridge Municipal Code: Chapter 8.16 - NOISE CONTROLAlarms, construction, music, leaf blowers, liquor establishments, snow blowers, aircraft, sirens, more2018Learn more
United StatesCharlotte, North CarolinaCity of Charlotte Noise OrdinanceDefines hours and guidelines for construction and mechanical noise, amplified music, outdoor events, animals, excessive vehicle noise -- and cites penalties.2011Learn more
United StatesChicago, IllinoisARTICLE XXI. ENVIRONMENTAL NOISE AND VIBRATION CONTROLMachinery, commercial venues and music, construction, measurement, cost of violations2007Learn more.
United StatesColumbus, OhioColumbus, Ohio - Code of Ordinances Noise, "unnecessary squealing of tires" - search entire code of ordinances for different noise issues1959 - ongoing updatesSearch for 2560-79 or "noise"
United StatesDallas, TexasDallas Code of Ordinances, Vol. li, Chapter 30: NoiseLoud/disturbing noises, vibrations, vehicles, compression brakes, loudspeakers, and penalties.UnknownLearn more at
United StatesDenver, ColoradoDenver Noise OrdinanceDefines allowable decibel limits and permutable hours of the dayunknownLearn more
United StatesHouston, TexasChapter 30 - NOISE AND SOUND LEVEL REGULATIONDefinitions, prohibitions, vehicle noise, amplified noise, permits, and more.2001Learn more
United StatesIndianapolis, IndianaIndianapolis, Indiana Noise OrdinanceDefines types of noise, hours of restrictions, quiet zones, vehicles that require mufflers, and more.UnknownLearn more.
United StatesLaPorte, IndianaUnlawful Noise Ordinance: What You Need to KnowExamples of unlawful noise, including loud vehicles, animals, blowers - hours of quiet time, and penalties2010See the guide
United StatesLas Vegas, NVCHAPTER 8.28 - NOISE CONTROLCovers construction hours, shouting on the streets, musical instruments, car horns, and more.2016Learn more from
United StatesLos AngelesCounty of Los Angeles Facilities Plan, chapter 9Construction noise requirements with maximum decibel levels and hours, traffic noise and noise modeling, water treatment plant noise2010Learn more
United StatesLouisville, KYLouisville-Jefferson County Metro Government
99.01 Definitions
99.02 Unlawful conduct
99.03 Standards for noise pollution; exemptions
99.98 Severability
99.99 Penalty
1993-2005Learn more
United StatesMemphis, TennesseeHealth and safety: CHAPTER 9-68. - NOISE CONTROLDefines excessive noise, exemptions, and permissable hours of construction (noise). However, there seem to be no measures for enforcement or lack of compliance.1967-1985Learn more
United StatesMiami, FloridaMiami-Dade County Noise OrdinanceCovers whistles, animals, exhaust, power tools, etc.UnknownLearn more.
United StatesMinneapolis, MinnesotaAmending Title 15, Chapter 389 of the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances relating to noise.An amendment to existing ordinances, defines noise, terminology, and some penalties and processes. Not written in layperson's terms at all.2005Learn more
United StatesNew Jersey - allState of New Jersey Dept of Environmental Protection - "What's All the Noise About?"Guidelines for all municipalities in New Jersey1971-2010Learn more
United StatesNew Orleans, LouisianaNew Orleans Noise Ordinance (from NoiseFree America)Yes, the city with the French Quarter nightlife and Mardi Gras has a noise ordinance, but it's decades old. Updates to this ordinance have been voted down in recent years.unknown (1960s?)NoiseFree America's copy of New Orleans noise ordinance
United StatesNew York CityA Guide to New York City's Noise CodeConstruction noise, music from bars and restaurants, animal noise, garbage-collection vehicles, food trucks, air conditioners, motor vehicles, lawnmowers and leaf blowers, tips for common courtesy.Published 2018Learn more
United States New York City Noise control amendments (Local Law 113)Established standards for commercial music and general guidelines for reducing noise and vibration.2005Full text of law
United StatesPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaPittsburgh, PA Code of Ordinances -
§ 601.04 - NOISE CONTROL.
Sets maximum allowable noise (in decibels), hours for background noise, and general guidelines2015Read more...thanks to
United StatesPortland, OregonCity of Portland: Charter Code and Policies. Title 18 Noise ControlMaximum permissible sound levels, prohibited noise, exemptions, rule making, enforcement.1997, 2001Learn more.
United StatesSan FranciscoSan Francisco Police Code
Article 29: Regulation of Noise
Guidelines for Noise Control Ordinance Monitoring and
How to measure sound and use of meters, distance from noise source, hours of enforcement, and more.2014Learn more
United StatesSeattle, WashingtonSeattle Department of Construction & Inspections: Noise CodeThis particular noise code is focused on construction noise, but you might find other noise types on this site.UnknownLearn more.
United StatesSt. Louis, MissouriCHAPTER 625 - NOISE CONTROL CODEDefinitions, permissible noise, etc. It looks like an update was proposed in 2008 but unclear if it passed.1970sSee PDF courtesy of
United StatesTucson, AZChapter 16
Excessive noise is in section 16-312003-2016Read more on the American Legal site
United StatesWashington D.C.D.C. Municipal Regulations - Title 20. ENVIRONMENT
Chapter 20-27. NOISE CONTROL
Sets guidelines for "the use of musical instruments, loud speakers, amplifiers, or unamplified speech, construction (which is subject to specific decibel limitations), and use of vehicle-mounted loud speakers or amplifiers (which are subject to the noise disturbance standard during permitted hours). All other noise-producing activities are subject to the general decibel limitations set forth in §§ 2701 and 2810."2017Learn more

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