An interview with Arezoo Talebzadeh

If you know someone who’s suffered from dementia, you’ve seen their struggles. They lose their memory, become unfamiliar with their everyday surroundings, and experience anxiety. As a result, many people with dementia might need to live in a professional care facility with supervision and medical care.

In this podcast episode, we talk with architect Arezoo Talebzadeh. She researches and designs soundscapes for people with dementia. By addressing their sensory needs, people with dementia calm their anxiety and trigger memories. Arezoo is currently starting a soundscape project with a colleague at the University of Ghent. She describes how customized soundscapes can help people with dementia retain a sense of place.

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Learn more:

Quantization (Arezoo’s podcast series) – a podcast on inclusivity

Royal Architecture Institute of Canada (RAIC): 2020 Virtual Conference on Architecture – Arezoo presented at this conference in June, 2020.

The Music and Memory Project– This group compiles playlists for people with dementia and distributes them on iPods. (This is not Arezoo’s project, but they’re working towards a similar goal.)

The Macauley Library Phill mentions this resource during our podcast conversation. It’s a good resource for finding native bird sounds.

Designing soundscapes for people with dementia
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